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Verification Endpoint API backend

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This is our source code for the Verification Endpoint API handler and Discord bot running on Autocode, usually synchorized every hour through GitLab CI.

API calls from verify.rtapp.<tk|io> domain will be trnsparently redirected to the production release at rtapp-verify-backend.recaptime.autocode.gg.


Requires Node.js 14+ and Autocode CLI if you want to do local development or even deployment to development/production environments on Autocode.


  1. npm install
  2. npm start to run an local FunctionScript gateway with hot reload included.
  3. curl -i http://localhost:8170/recaptime/rtapp-verify-backend/ping to check if everything is ready


In order for this to work on your Autocode account, you need to update the value of name in stdlib.json to point to your namespace instead of pointing at recaptime. You also need to build your own env.json file before running lib up dev.

  1. Authenticate with lib login.
  2. Prepare env.json using the template from env.example.json. DO NOT COMMIT!
  3. Update the value name to point to your namespace (e.g. username/your-app-here).
  4. Deploy with lib up dev

Getting help

  • Main project repo (GitHub mirror is available through we use issue forms) - all the verification metadata are being stored publicly, through some private data are held in an MongoDB database instead.