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# structio - What am I even doing?
A proof of concept for an experimental structured concurrency framework written in Python
## Disclaimer
This library is highly experimental and currently in alpha stage (it doesn't even have a proper version
number yet, that's how alpha it is), so it's not production ready (and probably never will be). If you
want the fancy structured concurrency paradigm in a library that works today, consider [trio](,
from which structio is heavily inspired ([curio]( is also worth looking into, although
technically it doesn't implement SC).
## Why?
This library (and [its]( [predecessors]( is just a way for me to test my knowledge and make sure I understand the basics of structured concurrency
and building solid coroutine runners so that I can implement the paradigm in my own programming language. For more info, see [here](
**P.S.**: structio is only thoroughly tested for Linux: While Windows/macOS support is one of the goals
of the project, I currently don't have enough time to dedicate to the quirks of the I/O subsystem of each OS.
All features that don't rely on I/O (timeouts, events, queues, memory channels, etc.) are cross-platform, but
things like sockets behave very differently depending on the platform, and it'll take some time for me to
apply the necessary fixes for each of them. File I/O (in its current form using threads), as well as asynchronous
threads and processes _should_ work, but there's no guarantee