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Work in progress for Peon 0.2.x

What changed

  • Peon will no longer use a runtime GC. Instead, the memory model will use lifetimes with regions-- actually, peon will use generational references instead (they're way cooler IMHO)
  • The compiler has been completely overhauled and no longer handles any code generation (in fact, currently there is no code generation at all, just a parser and a type checker). This is to allow for true multi-backend support as well as to improve separation of concerns because all the code generation stuff intertwined with the typechecking was driving me insane (please do send help)


Just run nimble build. It should grab all the dependencies, run the test suite and produce a peon binary in your current working directory


Peon is starting to get large enough for it to need an automated test suite (wow, much fancy, such cool), so you can run nimble test to run that (it's also ran automatically at every nimble build). The tests aren't using testament because I have a severe case of NIH syndrome, sorry folks!