50 Commits (master)

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Nocturn9x 33feb442e4
Fixed wrong warning about pending I/O in Task destructor 3 weeks ago
Nocturn9x 727848ada8
Sleeping tasks are now awoken after the parent crashes 3 weeks ago
Nocturn9x 724b5c98ba
Fixed bugs with cancellations and exceptions 4 weeks ago
Mattia Giambirtone 98a280ce39
Attempts at fixing timeout edge cases 4 weeks ago
Mattia Giambirtone dd924d600c
More I/O fixes 4 weeks ago
Mattia Giambirtone e423716442
Fix some issues with the throw syscall, two-way proxy now working 4 weeks ago
Mattia Giambirtone 07dd63dd49
More fixes to Ctrl+C 4 weeks ago
Nocturn9x 8d3315d2cb
Fixed issue with sleeping and I/O 4 weeks ago
Nocturn9x 7272516e78
Renamed message_handler to event_handler 4 weeks ago
Nocturn9x 089d525def
Minor addition to chatroom test 4 weeks ago
Nocturn9x b875093c8a
Minor change 4 weeks ago
Nocturn9x b7b67e9ac3
Minor change 4 weeks ago
Nocturn9x 3f0daece7e
Initial work on Ctrl+C safety + added a message handler to the chatroom 4 weeks ago
Nocturn9x 6524fafa7c
Fixed issues with Ctrl+C 4 weeks ago
Mattia Giambirtone a86e0afbbd
Initial work on proper Ctrl+C handling. Minor fixes and additions 1 month ago
Nocturn9x d10ae9c55b
Added task scopes. Many major fixes 1 month ago
Nocturn9x a48b4529cd
Updated SSL socket test to use timeouts 1 month ago
Nocturn9x cfb91beb68
Added support for timeouts 1 month ago
Nocturn9x 509b555628
Added many fixes for exception propagation and SIGINT handling 1 month ago
Nocturn9x e730f7f27a
I/O and Ctrl+C fixes 2 months ago
Nocturn9x d80fe45959 Original SIGINT handler is restored upon exit 3 months ago
Nocturn9x 6c91129ab6 Half-assed fix for Ctrl+C 3 months ago
Nocturn9x f81071f3b2 Fixes to cancellation 3 months ago
Nocturn9x 0560298f0f Fixed cancellation mechanism 3 months ago
Nocturn9x 4e41e46975 Added SSL socket test 3 months ago
Nocturn9x a1b40bd340 Various bug fixes 3 months ago
Nocturn9x 3ac6ea58cb Fixed most bugs with I/O (except dangling resources) 7 months ago
Nocturn9x acc436d518 Fixes/additions to I/O mechanism, bugs still exist in network_channel test 7 months ago
Nocturn9x 7b134f9a1d Added chatroom server example 7 months ago
Nocturn9x cca2ec15a5 Fixed async I/O and added echo server test 7 months ago
Nocturn9x 1530b54fc5 Minor changes 7 months ago
Nocturn9x ff2acf298f Various fixes for exception handling in contexts 7 months ago
Mattia Giambirtone ce1583e9c2 Minor style changes 8 months ago
Mattia Giambirtone 99656eedbe Updated I/O mechanism and task synchronization primitives 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 8f3d7056b7 Ported NetworkChannel and related test from giambio 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 3b81702c2b Ported network primitives from giambio 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 4a974ab06d Added more task synchronization primitives (Queue, Channel) and related tests 8 months ago
Nocturn9x c2bb63149b Added Event class and reformatted with black 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 3021544e7f Typos + minor module refactoring 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 844e65fa3a Minor change to documentation 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 07b8337a46 Minor change to documentation 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 6690263b55 Work on context exception handling 8 months ago
Nocturn9x ca1e8a157b TaskContext now calls Task.__init__() 8 months ago
Nocturn9x f3ff5fcec5 Initial work on task contexts 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 989981b746 Changes to motto (lol) 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 49e4de1d6d Added license 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 7d05e4e704 Added .idea 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 4428c80103 Initial work 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 5e328f8a1c Added README 8 months ago
Nocturn9x a67d091aa0 Added .gitignore 8 months ago