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This is the source code for ProfileIO models which are intended to be used to identify specifhic characters about individuals.

Fetch model

CoffeeHousePy comes with tools to fetch the latest models available, add the following code to your project to fetch the model

from resource_fetch import ResourceFetch
rf = ResourceFetch()

spam_classification = rf.fetch("Intellivoid", "CoffeeHouseData-ProfileIO")

Building The Model

Builiding the model requires CoffeeHousePy to be installed on the system, you can build the model in the foreground by running one of these commands

# Build the model (Full)
make build

# Build advanced_sentiments
make build_advanced_sentiments

# Build name_gender
make build_name_gender

Testing the model

You can run an interactive Commandline Interface test to predict the output of the model's predictions by running the DLTC tester.

make test_advanced_sentiments
make test_name_gender

Cleaning the data

Once the data is generated, it's reccomended to clean the and organize the new data that was generated.

make clean