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2022-01-20 22:45:05 +01:00
# Just Another Line Editor
or jale.nim
# Note
This is a new (and very immature) alternative to other
line editors such as linenoise (see rdstdin in the nim
standard library) or nimline (https://github.com/h3rald/nimline). Currently you probably want to use either of
those because this is a wip.
# Installation
git clone https://github.com/japl-lang/jale
cd jale
nimble install
# Checking the examples out
Building the examples
nimble examples
Checking the sample editor out. Quit with ctrl+c, save with ctrl+s.
examples/editor <filename>
# or windows:
.\examples\editor.exe <filename>
Checking the interactive prompt out. Move between lines using ctrl+up/down. Create new lines with ctrl+down on the last line. ctrl+page up/down also works.
# or windows:
# Features
- multiline support
- easily add new keybindings (using templates)
- very customizable (even inserting characters is a keybinding that's optional)
- plugin system based
- history
- horizontal scrolling
# Missing features
Note: they won't be missing forever hopefully.
- No utf-8
- No tab autocompletion support
- No syntax highlighting support
- Windows output still really unstable/untested in depth