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Mattia Giambirtone 6d089d7d5f Various fixes for I/O, timeouts, cancellation and more. Need to fix task_ipc2.py which is broken for some reason 4 weeks ago
Mattia Giambirtone ec9c4cf1c9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 5 months ago
Nocturn9x 66d7c51268 Locks stuff + fixes + bugs 5 months ago
Mattia Giambirtone 07b6621796 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 5 months ago
Nocturn9x ad34be8754 Added locks 5 months ago
Nocturn9x e76998f29f Added experimental network channels 7 months ago
Nocturn9x ed6aba490f Added two-way proxy example stolen from njsmith and fixed bug with io_release_task being fucking dumb 7 months ago
Nocturn9x b8ee9945c1 Minor changes 7 months ago
Nocturn9x 800a173aa6 Minor change to task_ipc test 7 months ago
Nocturn9x 3ec0864734 Added experimental memory channels 7 months ago
Nocturn9x 3eb6844848 Hopefully fixed giambio.Queue 7 months ago
Nocturn9x da9a579caf Changed version back to 0.x.x because giambio isn't ready yet 7 months ago
Nocturn9x f38e508ef6 Fixed bug where suspended tasks would not be purged upon exiting 7 months ago
Mattia Giambirtone 5c05de495d Fixed some issues with join() not properly rescheduling its caller when appropriate 8 months ago
Mattia Giambirtone 584f762d61 Fixed some edge cases with timeouts. Task.join() now returns the task's return value 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 587fba2dad Minor fixes to I/O, added initial chatroom_client implementation 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 594c69ed84 Moved the queueing mechanism to use events instead of event loop hacks 8 months ago
Nocturn9x 51d01ba44e Minor fixes to chatroom test. Hopefully fixed queue 8 months ago
Nocturn9x a0d376bb35 Added chatroom example and initial work on (semi-broken) async Queue implementation 8 months ago
Nocturn9x cd2a436d3d Made the socket_ssl test look nicer 8 months ago
Nocturn9x f7fbad931a (Hopefully) Fixed issues with blockinb I/O and timeouts 8 months ago
nocturn9x 4e1d328df4 Fixed bug with sleeping from the main task 12 months ago
nocturn9x 89501eb7b2 Removed duplicate SSL test 12 months ago
nocturn9x 107af1d7f2 Added https test 12 months ago
nocturn9x 0f5bc18069 Removed test 'a.py' file 12 months ago
nocturn9x 0b8e1487c7 Several fixes to nested pools, cancellation, timeouts and more. Fixed SSL I/O (WIP) 1 year ago
nocturn9x b9ed99e3ee Fixed self._data-based methods 1 year ago
nocturn9x 0916d9634c Fixed wrong task object removed from self.tasks within self.cancel 1 year ago
nocturn9x a472116686 The loop now removes exited tasks from self.tasks 1 year ago
nocturn9x e4a4c45f65 Updated server example with context manager to close the server socket automatically 1 year ago
nocturn9x 9bb091cdef Fixed nested pools (sorta?) 1 year ago
nocturn9x 2cdaa231b4 Small fixes 1 year ago
nocturn9x 44a07521b2 Beautified and simplified some code + README additions 1 year ago
nocturn9x 2003f096f6 Added the possibility to initialize the event loop without starting it 1 year ago
nocturn9x f44b3806fe Added a default (5) for io_skip_limit, __repr__ and some extra shutdown code 1 year ago
nocturn9x 9128cd9759 Breaking changes: do not use 1 year ago
nocturn9x 5dd15459ed Changed curio.TaskPool to curio.TaskGroup to reflect reality 1 year ago
nocturn9x a20123864b Minor fix 1 year ago
nocturn9x 792399744f Fixed sentence about curio/trio 1 year ago
nocturn9x a72bd99754 Fixed unordered list 1 year ago
nocturn9x 95a9300da8 Moved some code around, added more socket methods and fixed I/O for SSL sockets (hopefully) 1 year ago
nocturn9x 268745c552 Attempts to fix SSL 1 year ago
nocturn9x 668404b049 Minor fixes to SSL 1 year ago
nocturn9x fc13f5eef5 Minor wording and typos fixes 1 year ago
nocturn9x ec721fafd8 Moved IOInterrupt to socket module 1 year ago
nocturn9x f55826d534 Moved socket functionality out of the loop and added some more functions to the socket module (updating examples) 1 year ago
nocturn9x 79cbba994c Removed AttributeError check 1 year ago
nocturn9x 0516ea4bd8 Fixed bug in socket destructor 1 year ago
nocturn9x d0394ed7d8 Added socket destructor to unregister the socket from the loop 1 year ago
nocturn9x dfcac651b4 Updated README with echo server example 1 year ago